Win32 application error fix – Fix Win32 application error by yourself

Written on:May 5, 2015
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“C:\Windows\system32\ L3enc.dll is not a valid win32 application”

Such as invalid Win32 application error can’t be strange to you, in my opinion. It usually happens due to a number of factors such as a corrupt, bad or missing file within the application, an incompatible third-party program, or virus infection and so on. Any of this Win32 application error messages cause programs or files on the computer not to launch properly. Don’t worry! There are some simply ways for you to check and fix Win32 application error by yourself.
First of all, it is very easy for a virus, spyware, or other malware program to cause a Win32 application error message as they are able to attack any files on the computer. For this concern, we highly suggest that you can run a full virus and spyware scan on your computer to remove all existing threats. Besides, it is best that you can let your antivirus program running always running in the background to realtime protect your PC.
Sometimes, an invalid Win32 application error message appears when a file is missing or corrupted. After deleting computer viruses, Insert the Windows installation CD disk to your DVD disk; and then click Start and go to Run; enter “expand x:i386file-name_c:windowssystem32 file-name ” and press Enter; restart your computer when you finishes these steps. This simple step can instantly re-register the file on your computer and make the PC run without problems.
What is more, you can reinstall the applications generating the Win32 application error message. Same as a copy and paste job, a simple reinstallation of the application can replace missing or damaged file on your computer. However, before re-installing any application, you should properly uninstall existing one from your computer. To do this, directly follow the steps here:
*Click on Start, and the go to Control Panel
* Double click on Add or Remove Programs.
* Select the program that you want to uninstall from the list of programs.
* Click on Remove button and follow the prompt to finish the uninstall job.
* When the uninstall completes, reinstall the application and the Win32 application error will be resolved.
Fourthly, it is highly advised that you can take several minutes to check and fix some hard disk errors & bad sectors. Such errors will stop the computer from correctly locating & launching to required files and eventually cause a Win32 application error message. To do this, follow the steps here:
*Double click to open “My Computer”.
*Right-click the hard disk drive that you want to check and select Properties.
*Click the Tools tab, and then Check Now under Error-checking.

To automatically repair problems with files and folders that the scan detects, select Automatically fix file system errors. If not, the disk check will only report problemswithout fixing them.
To perform a thorough disk check, select Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors. This may take a much longer time as it will to find and repair all physical errors on the hard disk itself.
To check for both file errors and physical errors, select the two options.

*Click Start and follow the on-screen prompts to finish this job.
Lastly, you should take several minutes to fix Windows registry errors. The registry is a big database which plays as the heart of Windows-based operating system, storing all sorts of files and settings about your computer. Everything you install on the computer, will automatically add the corresponding entries into this database. However, a simple mistake in the Windows registry database will stop the computer from running properly by generating some annoying error messages including the Win32 application error messages. So, if you have performed all above steps, the last thing you should do is to check & fix all existing registry errors. A registry error-free computer is the first assurance for a smooth running computer.
If you find your computer or some programs run incorrectly because of a Win32 application error, scan it now with the best PC repair tool here before it gets worst! Then, I believe you can enjoy the PC all the time without those annoying PC errors.

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