The Smart Way To Remove the “adware generic5.src” and What is the “adware generic5.src”?

Written on:February 7, 2013
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What is the adware generic5.src?
adware generic5.src is a recently launched virus program that has already infiltrated thousands of computers and is threatening to infect more. This virus is a creation of hackers from either Russia or Asia and its principal design is to deceive people into buying fake full service packs. Under no condition should you trust this program as it is a scam. If you think that your PC has this virus, you have to get it removed from your system right away otherwise it can inflict irreversible damage to your system.
After getting into your computer this rogue application will change the computer startup file settings in such a way that this fake software will be automatically enabled each time you restart your computer. When it is enabled it starts to scan your computer without your permission and will display virus scan report. The report usually states that your computer is infected with very dangerous trojans and it will also force you to buy the licensed version to remove the infections. Please do not fall into this trap. The security warnings and the virus scan reports it shows are all fake.
It is a difficult job to remove the infected files manually. To remove it manually you need to delete all the infected files from your computer including the registry. Be careful when editing the registry. Your computer will crash if you remove any registry entry related to windows operating system. One other easy way to remove adware generic5.src is to use Free Spyware Removal tools. The removal tool will will scan your computer and will automatically remove all the infections found on your computer. Using removal tool is safe and easy.
Click the following link to learn how to download Free Spyware Removal tool to remove adware generic5.src Program and to remove adware generic5.src infected files.

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