Speed Up Your Windows Vista – 5 Beginner Steps To Make Your Windows Vista Run Fast Again

If your Windows Vista is running slow, the good news is that you’re not alone. It’s estimated that millions of PCs around the World at any one time are running slowly, making it highly important that you’re able to fix any of the problems which are causing the slow speed to occur. Although most instances of slow PC speed are due to Windows Vistas being outdated & old, there are 5 easy ways that you can speed up almost any system. This tutorial is going to show you what to do to make your Windows Vista run faster again.
What Causes Windows Vistas To Run Slow?
Windows Vistas run slow for a large number of reasons, including everything from your system having corrupted files to your PC running with errors. Something that most people don’t know about slow-running PCs is that in most instances, there’s a set of problems with Windows that are causing the slow speed to occur – meaning that if you want to fix them, you need to be able to repair any of the problems that your Windows Vista may have.
Most people think that Windows Vistas run slow because they don’t have enough memory or CPU speed (are old in other words). However, the fact is that if your PC is under 2 years in age, it should be able to run all the latest applications and files with absolutely no problems at all. The likely problems that your Windows Vista has include:
You are trying to run too many programs on your system at once
Your PC has a series of settings & options which are corrupted / damaged
Your system is unable to correctly process the application you want it
How To Make Your PC Run Faster Again
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The way to make your system run faster again is to fix any of the problems that your Windows Vista may have leading the slow speed to occur. To do this, you should look at following these steps:
1) Step 1 – Close Down Any Programs You Aren’t Using
The main reason why Windows Vistas will run slow is actually down to the way in which you will have so many programs loaded up on your system. If you have a lot of applications running at once, they will take up more & more system resources than the application you want to use – leading your Windows Vista to have to split its resources & consequently slow down. If you want to resolve this, you should load up the “Task Manager” of your system and then close any of the programs that you are not using on your Windows Vista. This can be done by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL
2) Step 2 – Clean Out Any Viruses From Your PC
Another big problem with Windows Vistas is that it’s often the case that a virus will infect them – causing all sorts of problems & issues as a result. Not many people know this, but viruses are small applications which basically try and cause problems & issues for your system whilst stealing your personal information. It’s recommended you remove any of the viruses that you may have on your system by using an antivirus applications to scan through your system.
3) Step 3 – Temporarily Disable Any Firewall / Antivirus Programs On Your System
A recommended way to fix the errors you’re seeing is to disable any of the Firewall / Antivirus programs that may be running on your system. This can be done by right-clicking on the icon for the program in the system toolbar (bottom right), and then selecting “Close Program” or “Exit”. This will stop this program running, and free up more system resources for the program you want to use. Although this will stop the protection of your system, it will continually help you to boost the speed of your PC
4) Step 4 – Remove Junk Files From Your PC
“Junk Files” are the files that you will store on your Windows Vista that you don’t even need / use. The likes of Internet downloads, old program files and useless files that your Windows Vista will not be able to read. If you have any of these files, it’s important that you clean them out because they can prevent the “File Indexing” service of your system from working correctly. The file indexing service is a part of Windows which indexes all your files & settings that it requires to run, allowing your system to run much smoother & more effectively as a result. Although the file indexing service is very effective, it can be slowed down by the presence of junk files – making it vital that you’re able to remove them from your system to speed it up. To do this, you can either use a piece of software called “Frontline Registry Cleaner” or just delete the files yourself.
5) Step 5 – Clean Out The Registry
The registry of Windows is a highly important part of your Windows Vista which is where your PC stores all the important settings & options which your system will use to run. Although the registry is highly important, it’s continually being damaged & corrupted, leading your system to run much slower as it tries to unsuccessfully read the files it requires from it. To fix this problem, you can clean out any problematic registry settings by downloading a registry cleaner tool from the Internet and letting it run. You can download a program called “Frontline Registry Cleaner” to fix this problem.
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