Remove “Trojan Horse Generic29.AHHS” From the Computer to Get Rid of it

Written on:April 1, 2013
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What is the Trojan Horse Generic29.AHHS?

Trojan Horse Generic29.AHHS is a type of Trojan commonly found on Windows Platform. It reaches the system through unwanted and unrecognized mails, file sharing networks etc. It entirely threatens your PC as it allows reaching additional malwares on the system without the permission of the user. As you login to your PC, you can see the Trojan Horse Generic29.AHHS window, which automatically start scanning the system and displays many errors and threat warnings that do not exist on computer.

Actions performed by Trojan Horse Generic29.AHHS:

– Modifies Windows Registry so as to start up immediately Windows logs in

– Makes use of rootkit mechanisms to hide itself from the antivirus programs installed on the system

– Creates a start up registry entry with the intention to slow up the normal activities carried on the system

– Allows additional malwares on PC without user’s consent

Along with all the above actions performed by this lethal Trojan, also allows the hackers to access the system and cause damage or retrieve the confidential information of users without any intimation.

How to remove Trojan Horse Generic29.AHHS:

There are two ways by which you can perform the removal of Trojan Horse Generic29.AHHS. First method is the manual removal in which removal is done manually. Second method is automatic removal that includes the use of Anti Spyware tool.

Under the manual removal procedure, kill all the processes related to Trojan Horse Generic29.AHHS. Delete all its associated registry entries to get rid of this malicious Trojan. Search for all its files and delete them instantly. But while following this method, make sure to delete the entries, files and processes carefully as any mistake can lead to permanent damage of the PC. So, it is recommended for the expert users.

In other case, second method i.e. automatic removal can be served as the best one which removes this malicious Trojan directly without involving any manual steps. In this method, Anti Spyware tool entirely scans the PC to remove all the threats caused by this lethal Trojan. The steps involved are safe and easy to perform thus, suggested for most of the users. Along with the removal of this Trojan, it also boosts up the system performance. To know more about Trojan Horse Generic29.AHHS removal instructions in detail, visit the link mentioned below.

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