How Can I Get Rid of WhiteCoupon – Extension and Ads Removal Help

Written on:October 16, 2015
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Is WhiteCoupon Giving You a Headache?
WhiteCoupon is a potentially unwanted adware programmed by the cyber culprits to distribute superfluous ads on the internet browsers. Being an ad-supported program created by cyber criminals, it sponsers some particular products and earns fund in return. If you click any Ads and pop-ups from WhiteCoupon casually, it will lead you to some unwanted web pages flooded with sponsored links and ad deals.
WhiteCoupon utilizes various platforms and sites hoop around Internet and usually gets into your computer system bundled with fake updates and some free downloads that you get online. This adware is meant to examine browsing traits of people using numerous complex and sneaky ways with purpose to to profit from it. If you are using any of the services or coupons that WhiteCoupon provides, you will help its developer produce revenue or earns money.
It is recommended to always read the ‘Terms & Agreements’ appropriately before installing any application so as to avoid getting such crapware or junkware installed on your machine out of consent. Do not know how to go about the ad removal, you could try to follow the removal tutorials below. Just stick to the explicit instructions, and you will be able to get rid of WhiteCoupon Ads and pop-ups thoroughly.
How to Remove WhiteCoupon Ads Manually?
Video Guide on Browser Ad Removal (For Your Reference)

Step 1. End unwanted processes generated by WhiteCoupon
(Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to launch Task Manager, go to Processes tab, find out associated items, and click on End Process.)

Step 2. Uninstall unwanted program from Control Panel
Go to the “Start” menu, select “Control Panel”. Locate “Programs”. If there is anything related to WhiteCoupons on the list of your Programs, then select it and uninstall it.

Step 3. Check your browser and then disable/remove relevant add-on
Google Chrome :
1. Click on Customize icon (Wrench or 3 bar icon) -> Select Settings -> Go to Extensions tab;
2. Locate WhiteCoupons and select it -> click Trash button to remove this extension.

Mozilla Firefox :
1. Click on the orange Firefox button on the upper left corner of the browser -> hit Add-ons;
2. Go to Extensions tab ->select WhiteCoupon->Click Remove;

Internet Explorer :
1. Click on the Tools -> select Manage Add-ons;
2. Go to Toolbars and Extensions tab ->right click on WhiteCoupon-> select Disable in the drop-down menu;

Step 4. Disable suspicious entries created by WhiteCoupon adware
Click Start menu ; click Run; type “regedit” in the Run box; click Ok to open Registry Editor; Delete all entries generated.

(The above WhiteCoupon manual removal may be tough for inexperienced users because it may require sufficient skills to edit registry entries and system files, and any tiny wrong operations during the manual removal process will lead to computer crash. If you are not skilled in removing the ads manually, you could use the most popular removal tool – SpyHunter for help!)
How to Drive WhiteCoupon Away Automatically with SpyHunter?
Step 1. Download and install adware remover SpyHunter
a) Click the icon below to download the best removal tool automatically

b) Follow the instructions to install SpyHunter

Step 2. Run SpyHunter to scan for this ad generator
Click “Start New Scan” button to scan your computer

Step 3. Get rid of all detected items by clicking “Fix Threats” button

Kindly Recommend:
WhiteCoupon ad removal should be finished in a timely fashion to avoid unnecessary troubles. If you have no sufficient skills to go about the manual removal, you are strongly advised to eradicate WhiteCoupon Ads and pop-ups via using the professional anti-malware security tool – SpyHunter.
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